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Here we keep track of translation requests from upstream developers. If you would like your project to be translated to arabic please edit this page and amend it here, preferably with a direct link to your project page and any details. Bonus points for letting us know early before release.

Of course, posting here does not guarantee completion, but we will do our best. We're currently aware of these approaching deadlines:






Done --خالد حسني ١٥:٣٤, ٢٢ فبراير ٢٠٠٧


[1] doesn't use gettext. use qt linguist. (whoa, RTL writing is really dizzying)

Working on it.--Alnokta 09:11, 11 يناير 2008 (PST)

Mozilla Seamonkey

Mozilla Sunbird

Debian installer

[2] to use Weblate webinterface. See [3] for statistics. Sent mail to [] in case of questions. There is no current deadline as of now, we are far from the next release (12/2017).