2.  Introduction

This document will serve as a guide to all translation projects and procedures on Arabeyes.

It will detail required information you might find useful about registration and translation and will hopefully answer the many commonly asked questions you may have during this process. You can refer to this document at any moment while translating.

Arabeyes is eager to hear from you and welcomes you aboard !!

2.1.  Credits

Here's the list of people who contributed actively to this document:

  • Isam Bayazidi

  • Mohammed Elzubeir

  • Youcef Rabah Rahal

  • Nadim Shaikli

2.2.  Translations

There are currently no known translations of this document.

2.3.  Feedback

Please inform us of any information that might be lacking in this document as well as any areas which you deem require more clarifications. We've attempted to be as through and as complete as possible and tried to include all the information translators might need. If you have any questions, suggestions, corrections or concerns, we'd highly appreciate your feedback.