3.  First Steps...

If you are fortunate enough to have good language skills in both Arabic and English (i.e. speak them fluently and can write them without difficulty) and you've decided to participate in the translation [1] effort ? We will then show and outline for you what you're required to do in order to become a member and an active translator within the Arabeyes Project and its team of enthusiasts !!

  1. Subscribe to the 'doc' mailing list then inspect, read through and peruse the doc list archives.

  2. Post a message to the 'doc' list (doc at arabeyes dot org) introducing yourself and stating where your interests lie and which project peeks your curiosity (See the Projects List for choices). The project's coordinator will assign you a task (if need be): a file, a group of files or a module to translate.

  3. Register for an account with us.

  4. Register for a CVS account via the bug system. This will ultimately give you the ability to share your work within Arabeyes (Read the CVS HOWTO).

You can, at any stage of course, participate in the discussions on the 'doc' mailing list and post your thoughts, suggestions or questions. A coordinator or some well-versed translator(s) with appropriate knowledge will all be more than happy to respond to your concerns.

[1] Minimal computer knowledge is required.